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Last updated on 14 April 2014

Meat Industry Guide (MIG): food hygiene and other regulations for the UK meat industry

Guidance to assist UK meat plant operators whose premises require approval and veterinary control under the European Union Food Hygiene Regulations.

About the guide

As is stated in the guide (part one chapter 3):

The guide has been developed and updated with the help of an editorial panel made up of industry organisations, enforcement authorities and Agency officials.


Part one:
The Meat Industry Guide (MIG) contains the following chapters:

Part one:
Chapter 1. Contents
Chapter 2. Amendment Record
Chapter 3. How to Use the Meat Industry Guide
Chapter 4. Introduction to the Regulations
Annex: Further Food Hygiene Legislation
Chapter 5. General Obligations for Operators, Official Controls and Enforcement
Chapter 6. Hazards in Meat Production
Chapter 7. Approval of Fresh Meat Establishments
Chapter 8. Definitions and Abbreviations

Part two:
Chapter 1. Design and Facilities
Chapter 2. Water Supply
Chapter 3. Maintenance
Chapter 4. Cleaning
Chapter 5. Pest Control
Chapter 6. Training
Chapter 7. Personal Hygiene
Chapter 8. Temperature Controls (covers general requirements)
Chapter 9. Acceptance and Slaughter of Animals (includes model documents)
Chapter 10. Dressing of Carcases
Chapter 11. Cutting of Meat (covers specific requirements for cutting plants)
Chapter 12. Meat Processing
Chapter 13. Food Traceability (Identification and Health Marking)
Chapter 14. Wrapping, Packaging and Transport Hygiene
Chapter 15. Waste Management

Part three:
Chapter 1. Application of HACCP Principles (includes HACCP template and generic plan)
Chapter 2. Microbiological Criteria (see also (External) )
Chapter 3. SRM removal
Chapter 4. TSE Testing

Amendments to the MIG are listed in the Amendment Record pages, starting at page 5 of Part One, Chapter 1.

Corrections to text
Please send suggested text or corrections of factual errors to the Industry Guide Editor, Meat Hygiene and Veterinary Division, Food Standards Agency, 3rd floor, Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2B 6NH or email to:

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